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From 1 to 3 pm on Saturday, Jan. 26, and before and after worship on Jan. 27, we will have a
pop-up store in our upstairs hallway—sharing information and merchandise from New Creation (Virginia) a faith-based non-profit that works to counteract human trafficking through preventative education, community awareness, design, and the hope of Christ. Join us at one of these events. Educate yourself, delight in the merchandise, and support this valuable cause.

The Concordia University Music Department will join us on this special Sunday in February. CU’s music ensembles, both choral and instrumental, will lead our music throughout the service enhancing our worship experience.

When we hear the word ‘glory’, we think of grandeur and greatness, majesty and magnificence. The Old Testament Hebrew word for ‘glory’ literally means weight, with the thought being ‘weighty’ or ‘significant’. The New Testament Greek word for ‘glory’ literally means ‘reveal’ or ‘appearance’. The most weighty and significant thing Jesus reveals about the Father is His “grace and truth,” or, as I understand it: “the truth of His grace”. My favorite commentary on the Gospel of John claims we should translate “full of grace and truth” as “truly gracious”.

In one verse – John 1:14 – Luther discovers basic insights for reading the Scriptures, conducting Worship, comprehending the Sacraments, and serving God.

The greatest, most glorious name an individual can be given is “Child of God.” How does one become a Child of God? And what are the benefits of being a Child of God? Lastly, what are the effects of being a Child of God? 

On Sunday, January 13, in the Gospel of John Sermon Series (John, the Apostle) -
John the Baptist is introduced as “a witness of the Light (Jesus) that all might believe (in Jesus) through him.” John the Baptist’s witness to Jesus presents Jesus as the Son of God who will baptize us with the Holy Spirit.
When we believe in Jesus, we experience amazing energy, excitement, and enthusiasm through the Holy Spirit whom Jesus gives to us. But how and when is the Holy Spirit given to believers? And what is the “job” of the Holy Spirit in our lives?

Sunday, January 6, is 'The Epiphany of Our Lord' -  celebrating Jesus as 'the Light to the nations'. On this Sunday, we continue in our Sermon Series from the Gospel of John on how amazing Jesus is and how much we need Him in our lives if we are to experience truly amazing LIFE.
“In Jesus is LIFE and that LIFE is the Light to all people in our world made dark by despair and death. The Light of Jesus shines into this darkness and the darkness has not diminished it, but only makes it shine all the brighter.” [John 1:4-5]

People of all ages want what Jesus offers: “I came that you can have real and eternal LIFE, more and better LIFE than you ever dreamed of.” [John 10:10, The Message]
From December 30 through early February, Pastor Dan Bohlken will share a series on the Gospel of John. It begins with an earth-shaking claim in John 1:1: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
The Greek word for “Word” is Logos. The word logos resembles our English word logic. The logos the Greeks sought and debated about was the reason for living and they never could find something that gave meaning, significance, and purpose to everything in one’s life. John shockingly claims Jesus is not only the Source of Life, but also The Reason for Everything [in one’s life].

In Adult Bible Class, we will begin a study of Philip Yancey’s book Vanishing Grace: Whatever Happened to the Good News?

A signup board to self-assign for Worship Assistant roles throughout 2019 is on the piano in the back of the Sanctuary. Please take a moment over the coming weeks to self-assign for the tasks you can cover for the first quarter of 2019.

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