The Kindergarten program provides solid foundational skills in reading, writing and math and promotes a sense of wonder and discovery.  Our goals are that children will love to learn, experience school success and are equipped to succeed at the next school level.

Religion  Bible stories survey the Old and New Testaments include: creation, Bible heroes, the birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus and the New Testament church.  Kindergartners attend Chapel weekly.

Reading Building success in early reading skill development, students learn to read using phonics, sight words and context.  Students learn manuscript writing, beginning spelling and creative writing expression. The reading curriculum from ABeka Publishing is used.

Math  Math from Purposeful Design Publishing is used.  Learning concepts include: patterning, writing numerals, making sets, telling time to the half hour, identifying coins, counting by 5’s, 10’s,  place value, addition fact families through 10 and introduction to subtraction.

Social Studies Teacher generated units include map studies, American history, cultural studies and community relationships.

Science Teacher generated units include studies in life cycles, seasons and climate change and human body systems, earth science and dinosaurs.

Physical Education P.E. studies include how to play group games, skill building in throwing and catching, running, skipping, hopping, rhythm and dance, balance and motion.

Author Studies Students will learn about different authors, styles of writing and illustrators.  Enjoying children’s literature is a priority.

Art Literacy Students will learn different art concepts such as shape, texture, line and form.  They will learn about different artists and enjoy hands on exploration with different medium.

Music Vocal music and learning to play rhythm instruments will be the focus for music studies. Students will listen to and learn to identify different music genres.

Child Directed Activities Time is scheduled for students to paint, puzzle, build, and engage in imaginative play in the classroom.  There is also unstructured playtime.

Social Learning There are numerous opportunities during the day for students to develop social interaction skills and to learn to problem solve.

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