Sep 20, 2012

9.17.12 - Good Morning 4's Families

Good Morning 4’s Families,

Another fun learning week is in store for the 4’s.  We will continue learning nursery rhymes which exercises memory, the reading skill of rhyming, and listening to the rhythm and cadence of our language.  Thanks to those who contributed egg shells for our Humpty Dumpty project on Monday.  This week we will begin work in our alphabet book focusing on printing the capital and lower case of each letter as well as letter sounds.  We’ll start with letter Ll and continue with the other “stick letters” Ii, Tt and Ff.  At the beginning of the year we’ll do one letter per week.  That will increase to two or three letters/week as the year progresses. 

 The Extended Day kids will be starting the reading curriculum this week.  We will be using Beginning to Read, Write and Listen by Macmillan/McGraw Hill Publishers.  The children will have a “letterbook” for each letter, learning to write each letter and the primary sound for that letter.  It won’t be long before we start blending sounds to read words! 

 Our Bible story this week is Creation.  We have a loving God who created the whole world with His spoken Word and formed man in His image.  The story of Creation and the beginning of God’s relationship with His people can be found at the very beginning of the Bible in Genesis chapters 1 and 2.

 Parenting Children is a weekly interactive parenting class from Oct 4-Nov 1 which will be led by Joel Zander, Minister to Youth and Children.  Check out the display in the commons for more details.

 Looking Forward to a Great Week with Your Wonderful Children,


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