Oct 1, 2012

10.2.12 -Good Morning 3's Families

Dear 3’s Families,

Your children bring so much energy and joy to each school day!  This week we will be learning about owls. We will learn some distinguishing features and the habitat of our nighttime friends.  We praise God for the diversity of His creation.  The owls will be perched in the hallway outside the room for a few days before coming home.

 The children have shown lots of enthusiasm for using school tools, pencils, crayons, and especially scissors and glue.  All of their projects give them good practice and help them to gain confidence.

 In our Bible story this week we will learn that God’s perfect creation didn’t stay perfect for very long.  Adam and Eve were tempted and sinned, disobeying God.  This sin-sickness is inherent in every human.  But our faithful and loving God gave a promise to Adam and Eve to send a Savior who would redeem them and restore the perfect relationship that God desires to have with people.   This Savior, Jesus, is our Savior, too!

 Coming this month:

Oct 9 – Trip to Baggenstos Pumpkin Patch, Please return permission form and $5.00
Oct 11 – School pictures
Oct 21 – PRESCHOOL SUNDAY, 10:45am
Oct 28 – Our Redeemer Harvest Party 3-5pm
Oct 30 – Classroom Costume Party 10:30am

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