Mar 2, 2014

March 2014

As legend has it… St Patrick taught the children of Ireland about the Holy Trinity by using a humble clover.  He told them about the Father, who created, loves and protects them.  He told them about Jesus Christ, God’s Son, who died and rose again to free people from their sins, and He told them about the Holy Spirit, the one who gives faith and hope and joy to each believer.   

When you see clovers this spring, remember this God, Three in One, who loves, saves and desires you to be His child forever.

3’s and 4’s preschoolers will meet in the Commons at 10:30 and go upstairs together. The children’s praises are sweet, join us!

Lent is a particular time before Easter when we focus on God’s great love for us in sending Jesus to be our Savior.  This year Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, March 5 and lasts until Easter, April 20.  Family Supper and Devotions are planned each Wednesday evening from 6:00-7:30 pm.  Come.

2014-15 Registration
We still have openings for the 2014-15 school year.  Preschool classes include 3’s, 4’s, Extended Day 4’s, multi-age afternoon class and Kindergarten (1/2 day and full-day options).  Tell your friends.

Waiting Games
Waiting has become a part of our everyday lives.  The next time you hear “How much longer?” try one of these ideas to occupy your children.
*Play word games.  Start with a simple word like up and take turns thinking of opposites or alternative words.
*Take all the change out of your pocket and let your youngsters sort it and count it.
*Work on “skip” counting.  Practice counting by twos, fives or tens.  Say each number and ask them to repeat it after you.
*Try an alphabet search.  One person find an object that begins with the letter a.  The next person finds something beginning with b and so on.

Bible Stories for March focus on the parables of Jesus which teach us heavenly truths with down-to-earth illustrations.

Learning Units for March
3’s – Life on the Farm
4’s – Healthy Me
Kindergarten – Plants and Insects

Spring Break
No school March 23-29.  Have a safe and happy spring break.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful children with us.
Forever His,
Darlene Thauland                                                   

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