Dec 2, 2018

December 2018

Simply Wait
The celebration of Jesus’ birth is so important in our lives that it involves much preparation with lots and lots of details.  Sometimes ALL of these preparations cause us to skip the simple and then everything gets complicated.  We can forget the whole reason, celebrating the love of God in Jesus, as we get busier and busier.  Being around young children each day helps keep the busy days before Christmas in perspective.  The children simply wait for good things to happen.  They count on it. 

This reminds me of our relationship with our loving God.  We simply wait for good to happen, and it has!  God sent His own Son, Jesus, to this world to be born, in order to die for all mankind.  God’s love is present in and around all of our Christmas preparations and celebrations.
Some thoughts on simply waiting for Christmas from the kindergarten children:
Addy – Waiting for presents by the Christmas tree
Alex – Waiting for my brother to have fun at Christmas
Andrew – Waiting for hanging up stockings
August – Waiting for Christmas cookies
Ben – Waiting for snow so I can throw snowballs
Bria – Waiting for candy canes
Brinley – Waiting for a Christmas party
Clara– Waiting to go on a trip
Cole – Waiting for presents
Colton – Waiting for the fun
Emma – Waiting for Henry and me to play in snow
Gage – Waiting for Grandma to come
Joshua – Waiting for the good cookies
Russell– Waiting for Baby Jesus

Lord Jesus, bless us as we simply wait, to celebrate Your birthday!
Christmas Blessings to You from the Our Redeemer School Staff

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