Feb 7, 2019

John Sermon Series - February 17 - ""The Wedding Feast"

February 17—When Jesus Christ decided to make His debut, when Jesus Christ did His first miraculous sign, the first act of His public ministry, what did He choose to do?
Now listen: the first thing is most important. You’re going to try to make sure people see who you really are and what you’re really about, and what you really can do. Therefore, Jesus shows something, obviously, that would give us the essence of what He’s about. So, what did He do?
Jesus Christ, in His first miracle, His ‘calling card’ as it were, creates 150 gallons or so of the most delicious, headiest wine in order to make a dying party into an incredible party, lifting it to new heights.
Why? What does this teach us about Jesus – who He is and what He will do for us?

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