Feb 4, 2020

February 2020

Classes for the 2020-21 School Year include:
Two classes for 3 year olds
Two classes for 4 year olds, morning and extended day options
One Multi-Age Preschool class
Two Pre-Kindergarten classes
Our Redeemer: Christ-centered, Child-focused!

In February the children are learning about the miracles of Jesus during Bible time.  Jesus gives us glimpses of His glory as the Son of God as He suspends the laws of nature and performs miracles.  We praise almighty God for the greatest miracle of all, that He claims us as His own through the redemptive work of Jesus.  It is a joy each school day to remind the children how much they are loved by our Lord.

Kindergarten kids are building fluency in reading and reading comprehension skills.  In Feb we will be telling time and learning about money in math.  Our Social Studies unit is a study of our great state of Oregon with a field trip to the Oregon Historical Museum.

The pre-kinders and 4’s preschoolers will be taking a look at the different geographic regions in our state.  We praise God for the diversity of landforms, plants and animals.  Writing and phonics skills continue to build, as well as learning to write numerals. 

 The Multi-age kids and 3’s preschoolers will be learning about what makes a family and where families live. They are gaining confidence in using scissors and  glue as well as following 2 and 3 step directions.

Special Days in February include:
Feb 8 – Taters and Tots Dinner, Fun Family event
Feb 11 – 100th day of school for kinders and pre-k
Feb 12 – Deliver Valentines in the neighborhood
Feb 13 – 3’s Valentine Activities
Feb 14 – Kinder, Pre-Kinder, Multi-age and 4’s Valentine Activities
Feb 17 – No School Presidents’ Day

It is a joy to serve the wonderful families of Our Redeemer Preschool and Kindergarten.

Blessings in the Name of Jesus,
Darlene Thauland

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