May 6, 2020

May 2020

MAY 2020
It has been our privilege and pleasure at Our Redeemer Preschool and Kindergarten to teach and love 89 children this past school year.  They have grown so much!  They are taller and bigger, and their brains have grown a lot, too.  They are curious and have the desire to learn something new each day.
The children have learned how to show compassion and how to resolve conflicts in respectful ways.  And most importantly they have learned about a God who loves them and about His Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior who forgives all of our sins and encourages us with joy and hope and peace.
May the gift of faith that the Holy Spirit has placed in each child’s heart continue to bloom into a life of love for the Lord and service for others.

We pray that your summer will be full of health and happiness.
“The Lord shall preserve your coming and going now and forever.” Psalm 121:8

Together in Jesus,
Darlene Thauland

What an unprecedented end to this school year! To say that we miss the children would be a massive understatement.  We are thankful to our staff that has stayed connected to their classes in various ways.  We are thankful for the loving families that these kiddos are blessed with. Mostly, we are thankful to Jesus for His love and the sense of hope that He provides.  Hope remains that sometime later this summer or early fall our school families can get together to share our stories from this extraordinary time and to reconnect.  Until then may the Lord be with you!

Thank You
Our Redeemer’s School Board meets throughout the year to ensure the smooth operation of our preschool and kindergarten.   Heartfelt thanks for their service this school year to:
Amy Bartizal
Susan Stubblefield
Roman Petkivicius
Norma Reynolds
Sara Tanzi, Parent Rep

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