Jan 11, 2013

1.14.13 - Good Morning 4's Families

Dear 4’s Families, We are back to our regular routine and the children are busily learning the numerals and word names for numbers one-ten.  They are also fascinated with all the space facts.  We are compiling a book about the planets in our solar system that will come home at the end of the unit.

The Extended Day kids continue to practice their phonics skills in decoding words and even surprise themselves at what good readers they are becoming.

During our Bible time we have been discussing what Jesus life might have been like when He was a little boy.  The Bible doesn't speak much to Jesus early childhood, but we can imagine that He played, learned, and helped His family just like our children do today.  Next week we will learn about the time that Jesus visited the Temple in Jerusalem with His family.  Worshiping together as a family is a privilege and joy we can all experience.

Mrs. Symes and I look forward to seeing your families at the Pancake Breakfast on Wed Jan 16.  We will meet upstairs in the church for breakfast beginning at 8:15am. 2013-14 Registration Information (including ½ day and full day kindergarten) is available on the blue bulletin board in the Commons Room.  I will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Coming Up in January
Jan 14-31 – priority registration for 2013-14 for current school families
Jan 16 – Pancake Breakfast 8:15am
Jan 17 – Love and Logic Parenting – 6-8:30pm
Jan 24 – Love and Logic Parenting – 6-8:30pm Jan 25 – Pizza Pajama Day!
Jan 25 - Date Night for Parents, Free Babysitting – 6-10pm

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