Jan 26, 2013

1.29.13 - Good Morning 3's Families

Dear 3’s Families,
During Chapel we are learning several new songs about our wonderful God and His amazing love.  At our Bible time we are learning about the earthly ministry of Jesus.  Jesus taught about the love of God and sometimes demonstrated His care and compassion through miracles.  This week we will learn how Jesus made lunch for 5000 people with 2 small fish and 5 loaves of barley bread.

This week we will finish our transportation unit with a study of emergency vehicles.  We will also identify different shapes as we try our hand at creating our own unique vehicles.  The children will bring home their cumulative poster of different modes of transportation.  Their coloring, cutting and gluing skills improve weekly.

Check out the new pictures on our website, “Visit Our Classes”.  Thanks to Erin Eberlein, a.k.a. Jack’s mom, for her assistance with the website.
This is the last week of PRIORITY REGISTRATION.  In February we will begin accepting registration from the general community.  Classes for 2013-14 include classes for 3’s, 4’s Extended Day 4’s, ½ day and full day kindergarten.  Information is available on the blue bulletin board in the Commons.

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