God's Word

How do you know what is truth?  Where do you turn when you want answers?  How do you know someone isn't telling you a story, spinnin' a yarn, or just giving you their perspective?  At Our Redeemer we tell it like God does. Period.  We don't add our own flair, we don't skip the "bad parts" or the "hard parts" of the Bible to suit our taste.  We simply tell it the way God tells it. 


It's hard to live with one another in the Body of Christ without practicing some forgiveness.  This is real, non-grudging, debt-forgetting forgiveness, the way that Christ taught it.  We cherish God's words of forgiveness spoken to us in His word and look for opportunity to extend that forgiveness to those around us.  We all need it…we all receive it in Christ.

Gathering Together

Absence doesn't  make the heart grow fonder…it makes the heart forget and stop caring.  God's people were created with the need, desire, and compelling sense to be together.  Gathering together for worship, fun, and study are the ways that we at Our Redeemer meet this need.  By coming together as friends and brothers and sisters in Christ we celebrate the common need we have for restoration and forgiveness from God AND the way we have all been gathered into His loving arms of forgiveness through Jesus' saving work on the cross.


Family is important.  You know it!  Jesus himself spoke of the relationships we share as husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, and a larger family of God.  We celebrate the gift of families whether they are big, small, or even one person who is part of our family at Our Redeemer.  A family is a place for support, love, caring, compassion, mercy, and truth.  We feel that all families are important and to be deserving of care.

Reaching Out with Christ's Love

God's desire is that all people would know Him and His caring concern for them.  Because of this, we believe that we aren't meant to just 'keep to ourselves'.  Instead, we should be a family of God that reaches out to the world in love and service as a part of the community in which we live.

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