3's Class

School is a happy place!
3’s will get acquainted with school routines, and practice using school tools like pencils, scissors and glue.  The children will have lots of opportunities to care and share with their peers.  Activities are designed so that the 3's gain confidence and take steps toward independence and learn to follow 2-step directions.  By interacting with an engaging environment and with a child-focused curriculum each child’s natural curiosity will be nurtured.  Every child will know that he/she is a beloved child of God with unique and special talents.


A typical 3's preschool day includes:
Bible Story - Learning about Jesus
Child-directed Play Time
Music - singing and movement 
Circle Time- numbers, colors, shapes, etc.
Snack Time
Story Time
Large Motor Play
Teacher-guided Activities and Projects
2021-22 PRESCHOOL 3's Flexible Schedule
2021-22 3's Learning Map