The Pre-Kindergarten program is a balance of academic learning and child-directed exploration and play. Our goals are that children love to learn, love to come to school and upon completion of this program will be successful at kindergarten entry.
Coming to school 5 days per week always plenty of time for the children to learn and practice skills which include reading, writing, math, science and social studies.                                               
Reading Includes:                                       Math Includes:                                  
Learning letter names and sounds               Counting
Beginning sight word recognition                 Numeral recognition                                                                                             and writing         Comprehension                                               Patterning and Puzzles
Daily handwriting practice                             Making sets
Beginning addition
Science/Social Studies Alternating units in science and social studies include lots of hand-on activities.
Music and Art are a regular part of each school week.
Reading for Pre-K  Reading is taught in a phonetic way, learning consonant and short vowel sounds.  Students learn to print using traditional manuscript.  Comprehension skills are strengthened.  Purposeful Design Publishing and Abeka Publishing are used. 
Children will continue to build their knowledge base and gain in their confidence to use school tools
Children will learn to follow multi-step directions.
Children have time to play with blocks, art mediums, puzzles, books, and other manipulatives.
Learning to share, take turns and problem solve are priorities.
A typical Pre-Kindergarten Day includes
Bible Story                                           Reading Instruction
Child-directed Exploration                Math Time
Circle Time                                          Writing
Large Motor Play                               Snack & Lunch                                                                                                                 Music
Teacher guided activities and projects in science and social studies
2021-22 Pre-K Learning Map
Pre-K Daily Schedule