Below you will find summaries for our recent sermon series 
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Summer of Psalms

June 6 - Psalm 130

June 13 - Psalm 1

June 20 - Psalm 124

June 27 - Psalm 30

July 4 - Psalm 123

July 11 - Psalm 85

July 18 - Psalm 23




July 25 - Psalm 136

August 1 - Psalm 145

August 8 - Psalm 34:1-8

August 15 - Psalm 34:12-22

August 22 - Psalm 14

August 29 - Psalm 119



April - May 2021 Sermon Series

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Just as Jesus became human, died, and rose from the dead to redeem humanity; so, also, we by faith now rise with him. What does living life in the resurrection look like?
The answers in the First Letter of John fit so well with our world/culture today.  (more)
April 11 - Living in the Light     Text: 1 John 1:1 - 2:2
April 18 - Living as Children of God     Text: 1 John 3:1-7
April 25 - Living for Other People     Text: 1 John 3:16-24
May 2 - Living in God's Love     Text: 1 John 4:1-21
May 9 - Living in the Victory of Christ     Text: 1 John 5:1-8
May 16 - Living in the Son     Text: 1 John 5:9-15

Holy Week & Easter 2021


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Sunday, February 14 - Intro to the Challenge
Wednesday, February 17 - Ash Wednesday Worship

Week of Being - February 21 & 24 
Week of Forgiving - February 28 & March 3
Week of Serving - March 7 & 10
Week of Giving - March 14 & 17
Week of Going - March 21 & 24


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Jan. 3 - Ready or Not
Jan. 10 - Whose Authority?
Jan. 17 - Whose Purpose?
Jan. 24 - Whose Rules?
Jan. 31 - Who's Listening?
Feb. 7 - Whose Loss?

Epiphany 2021 - 


An examination of the Gospel of Mark: Mark's Gospel invites Jesus' followers to re-examine and refine their perspective of, and relationship with, Jesus.


Advent & Christmas 2020 Sermon Series- 


When we feel distant from God and each other, His presence comes to us (and draws us together) in the Christmas decorations and traditions of our homes -reminding us that nothing can separate us from His love in Christ Jesus. 

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Sunday, November 29 - The Wreath
Wednesday, December 2 - The Lights
Sunday, December 6 - The Stockings
Wednesday, December 9 - The Tree
Sunday, December 13 - The Music
Wednesday, December 16 - The Food
Sunday, December 20 - The Family
Christmas Eve - The Nativity
Christmas Day - The Presents
Sunday, December 27 - The Cards


November 1 marks the ancient Church festival of All Saints' Day. What does Our Redeemer's Memory Tree remind us about our life in Christ?

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The world drives us to fear. God drives us to His promises.
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October 11 - 'I am with You'. The story of Esther. God is always with us, even when it seems that we are all alone.
October 18 - 'I Hear You'. As Peter did when he became fearful, we are called to pray – to cry out to God – in the midst of our fears.
October 25 - 'I am Stronger than You'. As Daniel learned when 
he was thrown into the lion's den, God is stronger than any fear or foe!


A review of the values that are the “Heart and Soul” of Our Redeemer - how we fulfill God’s Call in accomplishing our purpose as a church. 
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Sept. 13 - Jesus-Centered
Sept. 20 - Discipling Family
Sept. 27 - Inviting Community
Oct. 4 - Humble & Generous Stewards


August 9 - Leah and Rachel.   When Jacob falls in love with his uncle’s daughter, Rachel, he is willing to do anything to get her. Love drives us to do many things. This is why we can be thankful that God’s love for us drove Him to do the ultimate thing – to sacrifice His Son for our salvation.  Text: Genesis 29:10-12, 15-18.
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August 2 - Jacob & Esau.  From the womb, two brothers, Jacob and Esau, feud with each other. When we feud with others, how are we to handle these feuds? Our desire to love others must always be stronger than our desire to triumph over others.  Text: Genesis 25:21-26a.
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July 26 - Isaac.  God makes an unthinkable request of Abraham –to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. But a human sacrifice can never atone for human sins. God Himself must provide the perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world.  Text: Genesis 22:1-8a
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July 19-  Sodom & Gomorrah.  Sodom and Gomorrah were the epitome of wickedness in the ancient world. Yet, in spite of their wickedness, Abraham argues for God’s grace. When we see wickedness, how do we argue? Do we argue for judgment or grace?  Text: Genesis 18:23-26
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July 12 - Abraham.   God continues to seek new beginnings in a world filled with old sin. He makes a promise to Abraham to, from him, bring forth a new nation that will be a beacon of righteousness in a world darkened by sin. He also shows us how righteousness ultimately comes about—by faith.  Text: Genesis 15:1-6. 
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 July 5 - Babel. Noah brings a new beginning, but humanity quickly falls back into its old ways as it seeks to usurp God’s position by building a tall tower. This tower demonstrates both the folly and the danger of human ambition. Human ambition is filled with folly because, of course, no one can build a tower to the heavens. But human ambition is also filled with danger because it cannot compete with God’s perfect commands. Text: Genesis 11:1-9
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